Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Decorations

Hello and welcome!

In this post I wanted to show what you can make for in your Christmas tree, on your mantlepiece, in your windowsill or on your Christmas dinner table.

First things first - Christmas cracker!

 You can easily add some Merci chocolates or other goodies to give away or to put on your table for dinner! I decorated these myself with ink and a stencil but you can also simply use Design Paper (like Connie Stewart does here:

Then I also made these cute little lanterns for an electronic candle.
Here you can see the electronic candle, and this is a really cute Lantern you can make using Vellum. I simply cut the A4 Vellum into three on the length and stamped them. Now this does take a long time to dry so beware!

 I added a touch of colour on the inside of the lantern with my Blendabilities.

Then I made a few of these 8 pointed stars! I did another photo tutorial for this one:
All you need is two pieces of design paper, some twine and some glue. I made this tutorial using the Stampin' Trimmer because there wasn't one online yet, while there is a tutorial when you just fold in half...(here:

 I did 6 inches, which is about 15cm, sqaure design paper. I scored it into quarters (score 3" or 7.5cm)
 Then I folded it with the design I do not want showing up.

 I then scored it again but now from tip to tip.
 I folded along those lines with the design I wanted showing on the outside.
 I then cut along the middle score line to 3cm. I noticed that you take the measurement of your square and divide that by 2 and then use that number, in this case 3, and cut around that size. For example, when my square of paper was 4", I cut 2cm into the score line in the middle.

 Once all 4 middles are cut you fold them into arrows like so.
 Your square will look like this. I added sticky strip (this is an adhesive that holds it all together really well)
 Once you've added your adhesive fold one flap over the other.
 Your star will look like this.

 Make another and then add glue to these spots.
 Stick the two stars together.

 I then cut a hole in the top of one star...
 and threaded a piece of baker's twine through it. I also made a little bow.
 I made quite a few of these and hung them on my mantlepiece. The silver one is made of an 8" square.
I also made a few smaller ones for in the tree but I couldn't get a good picture. You can do this with any size paper as all you need is a square and you're good to go.

Hope you enjoyed this!
Hugs and love,

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